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Our history

Water: symbol of transparency, origin of life. Essence that becomes matter.
Raw, natural, without filters.

Aqua Crua was born from the encounter between Francesco Dal Toso and Giuliano Baldessari. The former an entrepreneur and farmer in Barbarano Vicentino, the latter a chef with a childhood dream: running his own business. From their mix of ideas and dreams the idea of converting an old building in the centre of Barbarano Vicentino into a something more than just a simple country restaurant was born. They both want to create something unique for the town’s panorama, something special, that puts together one’s ideas and philosophy and the other’s organization and entrepreneurship.

A project which has lasted for two years, made of sacrifice, ideas, encounters. A path that has lead to the opening of Aqua Crua.

A special thanks for all the work done must go to:

–  Artist tableware: Pino Castagna
– Blown glass glasses: Murano Design, Vetreria Parise
– Building design and work direction: Studio Carampin Geom. Giancarlo
– Building finishes and structural details : Arch. Faresin Luca e Arch. Dal Toso Francesco
– Bulding construction: ZF Costruzioni srl
– Sanitation and heating plant: De Mani Dario
– Electrical system: Cosimel srl
– Wooden fixtures: Gambin & Donello snc
– Indoor wooden floors: Antichi Legni srl
– Wooden floor laying: Fabio Fondriest
– Room furniture, hall, furniture accesories : Il Tetto Arredamento sas
– Cellar furniture: Pasquini Marino srl
– Wooden truss: Veneta Tetti srl
– China laying: Simone Lunardi
– Outdoor wooden laying: Sillo Valentino & Figli snc
– Iron structures: Artfer Artigiani del Ferro srl
– Indoor and outdoor painting and decorating: Smiderle Marino e Mazzucco Rino
– Decorative Murales : DR ART
– stairs and stone details : Edilpietra B&B snc
– kitchen: Inoxpiù srl
– Kitchen equipment: Rogi sas – Irinox srl – Cifa srl
– Kitchen suction false-ceiling: Aertecno srl
– Cooling system: Ambrosi
– Air-conditioning and canal system: Andriolo Roberto
– fireplace: Zanchetta Luigi
– Restaurant illumination bodies , cellar and outdoors: Davide Groppi srl
– Outdoor garden: Bruschetta Nicola
– Indoor vertical garden: TEC Impianti srl